Apps Empowering Hunters

Discover the ultimate hunting companions – By Sunrise’s specialized hunting apps, uniquely designed for different countries. Our apps share valuable data and features across borders, but remember, each nation has its own laws and culture.

At By Sunrise, we’re proud to support hunters in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their hunting endeavors.

Nem Jagt – Denmark

Nem Jagt is the app for all danish hunters who want the necessary knowledge at hand, before, during and after the hunt.

The app shows hunting seasons for Denmark, Sweden and Norway and even local regulations.
Via the hunting times, it is possible to find local hunting seasons, see photos, gain knowledge about the characteristics and way of life of each species.

Nem Jagt gives you additional options to keep your hunting journal during the hunt.


Nem Jagt also gives you more opportunities to judge your distance to the game and your surroundings. Wind direction and temperature are also displayed based on your position.

The solar almanac shows sunrises and sunsets, as well as times when ducks and geese may be hunted (all times are marked with hunting horn signals).
It is also possible to see sunrises and sunsets for the whole world for other data.

Help You to focus on the hunt